A look back into


HIS Trucking Ltd was founded in 1980 by current owners and operators Jon and Esther Bucher in Morinville, Alberta. Jon and Esther moved into the area originally to start a farm. To supplement the farm, Jon began hauling grain for local farmers.

As a means of growing the business, Jon started hauling powdered meat meals commercially. This diversification was born in HIS Trucking Ltd due to a need where others felt that the task was too labour intensive, difficult or required specialized equipment.

By being reliable and effective Jon was rewarded with increased commercial hauling. A relationship was formed and business grew. The hauling increased in quantity, distance and a variety of product.

Who would have know that the first driver hired was told, "there may not be enough full time work for you". Of course that was 15 years ago and the driver is one of our most consistent and trusted drivers, and still employed full time.


The fleet has grown substantially over the years from one grain truck and one man to 15 tractor units and multiple trailer combinations including reefers, dry vans, tanker trailer and super B bulker trailers. The business has been blessed with growth and essential drivers who take ownership and pride in the equipment they operate. All our drivers have established personal relationships with each and every supplier we haul from.


HIS Trucking Ltd has extensive experience transporting a wide range of perishable commodities using reefer vans equipped with temperature control technology. We enjoy a loyal and dedicated staff that subscribe to the same values and ideals.

HIS Trucking Ltd has added many qualified and competent drivers over the years, with some being with us for over 15 years. Our drivers log an average of 2.1 million kilometers per year in all manner of road and weather conditions. This being accomplished while maintaining high safety performance.


Many ask what ‘HIS’ stands for in our name. It is very simple, this business as well as all we ever have and do is never ours, it is God’s or HIS. It’s our daily desire is to serve and glorify God with our business and personal lives.

Jon Bucher